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maandag 5 oktober 2009

In This House : Abbey Garden 2

This is Antoinette and she is very fond of Halloween
parties. Every year she is the one that organises the
Coneberry Village Halloween Celebrations in her own
home. She lives in an old part of the former Abbey and
has an enormous haunted hall that she uses for several
Coneberry activities. Her haunted hall is inhabited by
three ghosts that love having living people around them.
They are friendly to everyone and the villagers are
quite fond of them. Especially Abbot Brown is a popular
ghost, as he likes a glass of wine and gets very merry
after two or three.
The Halloween celebrations already start early in the
morning when she finishes the decorations that have
been set up around Coneberry Village and her
festive hall during the Thirteen Days of Halloween.
She puts up the centerpieces on the dinnertables and
checks if the everything she planned is ready to go.
She puts the last of the Halloween Cakes in the oven
and makes to-do-lists for the people that will come
to help her out. At around half past nine the women
of the Coneberry Housewife Society come to help her.
There are women that will go round Coneberry to deliver
costumes, other women will begin dinner preparations.
During the afternoon and the early evening Coneberry's
children have their party and they go trick or treating.
During the evening the grown ups have their
Halloween dinner with scary food, bloody drinks and
lots of creepy party fun. Late in the evening, when they
walk home, they say to eachother that this was the
best Halloween party ever. They say that every year.

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6 opmerkingen:

vintage wil zei

What a beautiful house!!

Hella zei

Wat een plaatje! Schitterend huis. Antoinette is prachtig en ook uit haar toverstafje komt een heerlijke toverwolk....van glitters. Mooi!

Unknown zei

Très jolie maison, merci beaucoup de ta participation.

Gayle Page-Robak zei

This is such a lovely art piece and your talent for expression is excellent...I enjoyed reading your journal piece and commend you for your writing skills. Hugs, Gayle.

Nancy Dooren ~ Nans zei

Wow!!! this is so beautiful!!! I love your work!!!!

Palma zei

This is awesome!