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vrijdag 29 maart 2013

The Passion

Last night, we watched The Passion and it was really beautiful.
This year was the third edition of the event, but we had never
seen it before.

Organisers of the well-known popular Easter event ‘The Passion’
have chosen to broadcast this year’s production live from
The Hague’s city centre on Thursday, 28 March. Last year more
than 1.7 million viewers watched this grand modern production
of the Passion play when it took place in Rotterdam. This year
the Hague’s Hofvijver will set the stage for this magnificent spectacle.
The Easter story is a dramatic presentation depicting the Passion of
Jesus Christ: his trial, suffering, death and resurrection. ‘The Passion’
tells the story in a modern way with contemporary pop music and
performances by a number of well-known Dutch celebrities.
During the performance, a large procession bearing a six-metre
long illuminated cross will move across the city to the main stage.
The organisation announced ‘The Passion’ will be shown on
Nederland 1 on 28 March, three days before Easter. Residents
and visitors to The Hague can attend the event for free. People
interested in walking with the cross were able to register to
participate through the website of the evangelical broadcasting.
organisation . The procession, with some 1,000 participants, goes
from the Kerkhoflaan along the Peace Palace, Plein 1813 and
Noordeinde to the Hofvijver where it will end at the main stage.

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