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woensdag 27 maart 2013

Påskekrim : last year's read

A quite peculiar national trait in Norway is solving crimes during Easter. Publishers
churn out series of books known as "Easter-Thrillers" or Påskekrimmen. Even the
milk cartons change to have murder stories on their sides.

Inspector Erlendur has spent his entire career struggling to evade the ghosts of his past.
But ghosts are visiting him, both in the form of a séance attended by a dead woman
and also in the reemerging puzzle of two young people who went missing 30 years ago.
And there’s the ghost of the detective’s disastrous marriage, which, despite the pleas of
his drug-addled daughter, he is unwilling to confront. In addition, he’s still obsessed with
the disappearance of his brother, who vanished without a trace when they were boys. He
can only run from his ghosts for so long, and, when they finally catch up with him,
Erlendur is forced to face the heart shattering truth of his past.

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