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vrijdag 20 juli 2012

Day of Cuijk : Nijmegen Four Day marches, day four

Today was a wonderful day for us walkers. The weather was
fantastic with 23 degrees celcius, no wind and sun. It was great
to have such a nice day after yesterday. Everyone did okay,
apart from (quite a few !) blisters. We are now the proud
owners of medalnumber 7 !

Today we were walking in our blooddonor shirt for this year
which says : real heroes donate blood. The bloodbank asks
all their donors each year to wear this shirt during the marches
to promote their work and to recieve more donors.

Also, my sister and i have been on national tv (at least) twice
this year ! Our first appearance was on tuesday in the
tv programme "Het gevoel van de Vierdaagse" (The feeling
of the Four Day Marches). We are wearing the turqoise shirts.

Our second appearance was on wednesday and we are visible
to the left of masseuse in the pink shirts.

To give you an impression of how Nijmegen is affected by the
Four Day Marches i want to show you a split photograph of the
Via Gladiola during the marches and on a normal day :

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Catharina Maria zei

Gefeliciteerd jullie alle vier !!
♥Rini♥ en haar ventje Maarten