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maandag 16 juli 2012

Another year, another four marches

Tomorrow starts the first of four days of tiredness, pain and especially,
fun ! We are again taking part in the largest walking event of the world,
the Nijmegen Four Day Marches. Every year, the trainings begin in
febuary and end about two weeks before the Four Day Marches begin.
It means that we have spent about 100 hours of active training in that
period. That does not include the breaks we took during the walks
and the hours we spent buying equipment or other necessities. But,
it really is worth the time and the blisters and the other inconveniences
of the past months. We are looking forward to beginning tomorrow.
The alarm goes off at 04:00 o'clock and we wil start walking about
two hours later (it takes us about five quarters of an hour to get to the
starting point).

My sister bought a book earlier today when we were in Nijmegen
to recieve our wristbands. (We get scanned at the start, at the finish
and at some two or three chekcpoints per day). The book is really nice
with lots of nice photographs and interesting facts. I can recommend
it to all marchers and anyone else that is interested in the history of
the Four Day Marches.

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Gina zei

Oh my, how this year has flown by...wishing you fine weather and comfy boots :D XXX