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zaterdag 21 april 2012

Workshop : Spring Wreath

How to make this Spring wreath :

Take a wreath form (i used on out of styrofoam) and begin
to wrap it with the wool of your liking, i used untwined
wool because i think that is just pretty, i did it unevenly
because i can not stand symmetry in these kinds of projects :)

Add a piece of ribbon in the colour of your choice,
and wrap it tightly around the top of your wreath,
glue the two ends together (or use pins).

Then add a bow, size and colour of your choice, i used
a bowmaker to make mine, again glue or pin in place.

Prepare the flowers that are going on your wreath :
make them look vintage and then add some glitter, i used
the type that is not really glittery, more the type that
makes the flowers look frosty. Add the flowers and some
leaves to the wreath with either glue or pins.

Sew an owl, and pin it in place, poor owl !
You can either make your own pattern, or use the one
i drew here :

2 opmerkingen:

Arnhilds Kreative hender zei

Så vakker liten ugle min venn:) Klem fra Arnhild

Rosemary zei

I so love this, very sweet and gentle and lovely! I want to make one!