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zaterdag 7 april 2012

Stylus Tool

Those of you that stamp will know this piece of
equipment. It is the Stylus Tool and you can use
it (amongst other things) to apply colour by dabbing
it onto your inkpad.

You will probably also know that these refill tips are
very expensive and if you use your Stylus Tool a lot
you will need to buy a lot of them. Not long after i bought
my Stylus Tool, about seven years ago, i came up with
a solution for this. After you have used up the original
tips, you remove every bit of foam that is still attached
to the black plastic. You then add double sided tape and
a piece of this :

cosmetic latex sponge ! Cut it into shape and voila
you can use your Stylus Tool some more. I have bought
two packages of original tips and have not bought any
afterwards, i have just recycled the old tips.

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