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zondag 28 december 2008

Putz Glitter House

This is my first Glitter House. I made it from
glitter cardboard so that it sparkles really pretty
when for example the lights from the Christmas
Tree shine on it.

First i made a cardboard model that i used to trace
around because i did not want to waste any of the
pretty cardboard.

Other materials i used are fake snow, some
decoration chain, pipecleaners, a bottle brush
tree, some cardboard and brown paper, mini
toadstools, some plastic for the windows and
a plastic squirrel. And glue ofcourse.

A Christmas village, (or putz), is a decorative,
miniature-scale village often set up during the
Christmas season. These villages are rooted in
the elaborate Christmas traditions of the
Pennsylvania Dutch. Mass-produced cardboard
Christmas villages became popular in the US
during the early and mid-20th century.

In early-colonial American Moravian homes,
the construction of a putz, at the base of a
Christmas Tree was a very common holiday
activity. The term was derived from the German
verb putzen (Dutch = (op)poetsen), which means
"to clean" or "to decorate." These nativity scenes
soon became very elaborate.

Although initially placed beneath the Christmas tree,
by the early 1800s a family's "putz" might have also
been found on the fireplace mantel, side tables, and
other prominent places within the home. These
expanded scenes might include other stories from
the Bible. By the mid-19th century, more secular
figures and scene elements were being added to the
putz. In many homes, the putz took more time and
energy than the decoration of the family Christmas
tree. Eventually, toy trains were added to these
miniature worlds.

6 opmerkingen:

linda loe zei

Wat een prachtig huis heb je gemaakt. Ik wil je gelijk de beste wense nen een creatief nieuwjar toewensen. Groetjes

Splashes of Pink and Mint zei

Wat een schattig huisje heb je gemaakt! Ik krijg er helemaal zin in om er ook weer eens eentje te meken, het is zulk leuk werk!
Ik wil je nog bedanken voor je award, wat een verrassing! En natuurlijk wil ik je ook nog een heel gelukkig, gezond en creatief 2009 toewensen!!!!!
Liefs, Elly

Corien zei

Hoe is hte, ik hoor niks van je, zit je ingesneeuwd?? I left you an award on my Blog

linda loe zei

Hi I left you award aswell. Come on girl where are you I miss your inspiration.

Joey zei


ooooh I am so chuffed you shared this with us!

what a perfect creation and so snowy and so pretty I love it!


Teri zei

This is beautiful! Such a gorgeous snowy, Christmas scene! Love it!

Thank you for joining us at Winter Wonderland this week.

Teri xx