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zondag 21 september 2008

Ploesie Poesies

Last summer i ordered some Ploesie Poesies. I can
hear you thinking : you ordered what ? Ploesie Poesies
are an exact copy (in plush) of your cat. This is also an
extremely nice way to remember the cat(s) you have
lost in the past. So i ordered five Ploesies, three for
myself and two for my sister and her boyfriend.

The two cats highest on this page are Fritsie I and II
(i know, im not the best inventor of names). The one
in the middle is Menno and the ones underneath the
text are Kareltje and Bonkie. Kareltje and Bonkie are
living with my sister and her boyfriend. Even though
they are not with us in body, they are now still with
us every day in our hearts and in plush.

For reference go to http://www.ploesiepoesie.nl/.

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