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zondag 14 september 2008

Mah-Jong fun

As mentioned before, our family is very fond of the game
of Mah-Jong. All of our family members have atleast one
game, but there are several that have many. With the
playing of the game comes ofcourse the love for a pretty
game and to acquire a new gameset is just sheer fun.

Last week my father had such fun. He has come into the
posession of the game that is shown in these photographs.

2 opmerkingen:

Corien zei

HUH????? ben je thuis geweest??

Meikoningin zei

Neeeeeee, tuurlijk niet, dat had je toch geweten :D Mijn papi heeft me de foto's toegestuurd, hij was helemaal blij met zijn nieuwe spel !!