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donderdag 24 januari 2008

My Crafty Family : Part I

I come from an extremely talented family.
There are only a few who are not writing
poetry, painting or playing an instrument.
In this post i want to introduce three women :
my mum, my sister and my aunt.

My mum made a huge (A3) drawing of the
house my parents live in and used that as
a basis for the annual Christmas card :

My sister made Halloween cards with plastic sheets
and glasspaint, lovely to put in front of a window
or a candle. I was lucky enough to recieve two :

My aunt made a lovely aquarel-painting that she
photographed and also made into a Christmas card :

And last but not least a small bonus : my
father has always liked to make photographs
and he used to have a dark room where he
developed his own photo's. From that period
is this Christmas card, my dad, my mum and
me, and my sister in my mum's tummy.

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