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woensdag 18 december 2013

Serious Request 2013

Serious Request is a benefit event hosted the week before
Christmas each year by Dutch radio station 3FM. The project
began in 2004, collecting money for Red Cross initiatives.
During 3FM Serious Request three DJs live in a glass house
for six days (five days the first year) on a juice-only fast.
They broadcast on the radio throughout the whole six days
but it's also being transmitted on television. For the first
three years, the house was at Neude in Utrecht.
Since 2007, the location of the house has changed each year.
While the DJs are in residence, they play songs requested
by internet-based listeners or visitors. When requesting a
song, listeners are expected to donate money to the project :
Dutch celebrities also donate money and auction their possessions.
The Serious Request project has also been adopted by Belgium,
Switzerland, Sweden, Kenya and South Korea.
Let's Clean this Shit up (Campaign against children dying
from diarrhea ) is this year's theme. 3FM is broadcasting in
Leeuwarden in the period 18 to 24 December 2013 with
DJs Giel Beelen, Paul Rabbering and Coen Swijnenberg.
A special theme song is being launched under the title
"Shoes of Lightning" by the Dutch band Racoon.

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