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zondag 13 oktober 2013

High Tea, second edition

Last year i organised a High Tea party for friends and
family and that was a great succes. Everything we presented
to the guests was homemade which means my mother, sister
and myself spent one and a half day in the kitchen but had
lots of fun ! This year i deciced to do another High Tea party
with even more food !
So here is what we presented, in no particular order :

Cream cheese & cherry pie -  Avocado cheese wraps

Tomato with basil & cheese - Cream cheese salami wraps

Chocolate pie with coffee cream - Ham & leek salad

Tiny sausage rolls - Pizza puffs

Olive, goat's cheese & spinach pie - Chicken cream cheese wraps

Cucumber & liverwurst sandwiches - Spicy cheese balls in parsley

Herb butter - Ham, cream cheese & gherkin rolls

Egg salad - Butter cake

Apple & oats pie - Aioli

Stuffed eggs - Dates stuffed with old cheese and danablu

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