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maandag 29 april 2013

Tomorrow, she will abdicate

Tomorrow, our Queen Beatrix will abdicate. She will leave the
throne to her son Willem Alexander and her daughter in law
Maxima, who will be King and Queen then.
Beatrix (Wilhelmina Armgard), born 31 January 1938, will then
have been The Netherlands' Queen from 1980 to 2013. Following
her abdication, she will revert to her pre-accession birth status as
Princess of the Netherlands with her full style being
Her Royal Highness Princess Beatrix of the Netherlands.
Beatrix is the eldest daughter of  Queen Juliana and
Prince Bernhard of the Netherlands. In 1948, she became heiress
to the throne of the Netherlands, when Princess Juliana
became Queen. When her mother abdicated on 30 April 1980,
Beatrix succeeded her as Queen.
Tomorrow for the first time since 1890, The Netherlands will
have a King, instead of a Queen !

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