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zaterdag 8 december 2012

Weekend of christmas fairs

Today the weather was icy cold and sunny, there was snow
on the ground so it was perfect to go visit some christmas fairs.

We went to visit two christmas fairs today, one in the
town of Doesburg which was really great. We had hot
chocolate, gluhwein and raisinbread in De Bonte Os, which
is a very cosy livingroom-like cafe and we ate lunch in the
Martinichurch : ryebread wich bacon and peasoup. Afterwards
we went to Neede, but that fair we can not recommend, for
starters it was indoors and secondly there were a lot of stalls
that were not christmas related at all.

Tomorrow we will be visiting four more fairs : in Almen,
Gorssel and Exel. Lots of fun !!

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