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donderdag 27 september 2012

A Mah-Jong tournament

The upcoming saturday there will be held a Mah-Jong tournament
at the Mah-Jong club where my parents, my sister and myself
are playing. The club is called De Oostpoort, which means
The Eastern Gate. It is called that because the Oostpoort is an
important landmark in the city of Delft. My father will be
tournament leader and my mother, my sister and myself will
be doing the catering. We like to play Mah-Jong also, but not
so much tournaments, which means playing many hours a day.
And since noone else wants to do the catering ... we do it.
Participants will be coming from all over the country and that
means meeting a lot of people you only meet a few times a year.
What a great way to catch up !

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