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zondag 10 juni 2012

Funeral flower arrangement

Three weeks ago my grandmother passed away, five
months after she celebrated her 100th birthday. We
are sad to have lost her, but are also thankfull for all
the time we got to spend with her. In stead of buying
the floral arrangement for her funeral in a shop, we
decided to make the piece ourselves, since my sister
has for the last years been attending a flower
arranging course in the evenings. My mother assisted
her in placing the flowers and i prepared the stems of
the flowers and the leaves. We were very content with
the result and were even more so when we saw the
arrangement on my grandmother's coffin two days later :
all the flowers had opened beautifully and were really
full and lucious and that made the arrangement look
more even than on this photograph here.

3 opmerkingen:

Gez zei

Sending you my condolences xxx

The flower display looks absolutely beautiful and just perfect ♥

Love & hugs, Gez xx

Arnhilds Kreative hender zei

So sorry for your loss. The flower arrangement are beautiful. I miss you.

Love & hugs Arnhild

Gina zei

What a beautiful gift to your Grandmother. I am sure you made her very proud. Wishing you many hapoy memories :) XXX