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zondag 6 mei 2012

When in Oslo

When i was in Oslo, i saw a lot of beautiful buildings.

We were staying in the Victoria Hotel, which was a really nice hotel.

We ate at a restaurant called Dinner. Dinner Restaurant has served food from
the Szechuan and Cantonese kitchen in the heart of Oslo since 1989.

The restaurant is proud to continue to offer its guests an exciting journey
through the Chinese food culture. Traditionally, the Chinese meal consists
of many different dishes that are shared between the guests at the table in
order to create a more social and dynamic meal time. The menu is
structured in such a way that this style of eating is possible.

All of the Dim Sum is made in the restaurant and the Mango Pudding is still made
by the same cook that made it back in 1989. The food in this restaurant
is astonishingly good and i can recommend it to anyone visiting Oslo.

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Gina zei

The whole city looks so clean, and beautiful! and the food sounds delish! :D XXX