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dinsdag 30 augustus 2011

Our favourite Miniature City

In the summer vacation we visited Madurodam,
and it was such fun ! We had not been there for
ages (i am guessing it has been more than twenty
years ago we were there last time) and it was
great to see that there were a lot of things that
were changed, but very many things that were
actually the same as before.

I can recommend anyone to visit Madurodam
when there are in the vicinity.

Madurodam is a miniature city located in Scheveningen,
The Hague, in the Netherlands. It is a model of a Dutch
town on a 1:25 scale, composed of typical Dutch buildings
and landmarks, as are found at various locations in the

This major Dutch tourist attraction was built in 1952 and has
been visited by tens of millions of visitors ever since.
The miniature city was named after George Maduro,
a Jewish law student from Curaçao who fought the
Nazi occupation forces as a member of the Dutch resistance
and died at Dachau concentration camp in 1945.

On July 2, 1952, the then teenaged princess Beatrix was
appointed mayor of Madurodam, after which she was given
a tour of her town.

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