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vrijdag 22 juli 2011

Four Day Marches : day of Cuijk 2011

With a length of more than 42 kilometres, the last march
is the longest of the four. Another thing that is quite special
is that we cross the river Meuse on a pontoon bridge which
is only there for a few hours on the last day of the marches.
If you do not pass over the bridge before a set time, you
will not be able to make the walk to Nijmegen in time.

We started in cold weather and the cold was soon joined
by rain. After our first break we were able to take off
our raingear and have not needed it any further. The
rest of the day was nice and warm and for the most sunny.

The flag of Cuijk.

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Catharina Maria zei

Van harte gefeliciteerd !
Hoeveel keer hebben jullie hem nou gelopen ?
Aankomst weer in een dol en vreugdevol Nijmegen , gaan jullie dan ook nog de stad in ?

Wat een drama is het nu in NOORWEGEN , zoveel doden , zoveel verdriet , eerlijk ik heb er om moeten huilen .

Liefs van ♥RINI♥
Nog steeds geen telefoon , grrrrrr