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donderdag 31 maart 2011

From the air

Here are two picture from the village i live in. The large
white building in the centre of the photograph is one of
the local schools. It is also the school where i work. Next
to the school, on the left you can see some water, which
is a small piece of our large lake. In the background, to
the right, there is a mountain with a white antenna
mounted on its side. Our house stands right underneath
that antenna, can you imagine the view ?
Indeed, it is beautiful.

2 opmerkingen:

Gez Butterworth zei

Meikoningin what a beautiful, beautiful place to live..very pretty :)

Thank you for sharing.. I now have this wonderful picture in my head when I think of you or see your beautiful artwork. :)

Christel zei

This is a cute little card. Love your dresses!
Thanks for joining Charisma cards challenges this week!