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woensdag 29 december 2010

Ten book(-serie)s i read that i can recommend - part II

In no particular order :

Lord of the rings (trilogy) - J.R.R. Tolkien (1937-1949)
Millennium (trilogy) - Stieg Larsson (2005-2007)
Harry Potter (heptalogy) - J.K. Rowling (1997-2007)
Jane Eyre - Charlotte Brontë (1847)
Go ask Alice (1971)
Chistiane F. - Vera Christiane Felscherinow (1979)
Bag of bones - Stephen King (1998)
Het Bureau (heptalogy, dutch only) - J.J. Voskuil (1996-2000)
Black House - S. King and P. Straub (2001)
A word after dying - Ann Granger (1996)

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Gez Butterworth zei

HAPPY CHRISTMAS Meikoningin ♥♥♥

Hope you had a lovely time. :)

Popped over to wish you all the very best for the New Year.xx

Sorry for not calling sooner I am still suffering from vertigo :( I emailed you not so long ago but I'm not sure if I've got the right addy.

Thanks for sharing all your beautiful artwork. Look forward to calling in the New Year. Best wishes, love Gez.XXX