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vrijdag 21 mei 2010

New year, new shoes

With a new edition of the Nijmegen Four Days Marches
coming up in july, i have bought new shoes. With all the
training and the marches itself, i use one pair of walking
shoes per walking season. After that they are worn out
for training but they are still usable for normal use.

As i was getting more and more unsatisfied with the
shoes i have been using for the past years i swapped
brands and am now using Adidas Response Walk GTX's.
I am very pleased with them. My old shoes lacked
impact reduction which lead to very sore feet at the
end of the marches. The shoes i have now are so
well cushioned that it feels like i am walking on air
pockets. I expect to have tired feet at the end of
the marches, but i also expect them not to be as sore
are i have gotten used to over the years.

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Rosemary zei

Sore feet definitely do not make you want to walk more, so good investment!