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vrijdag 5 maart 2010

My Crafty Family

I recieved this pretty card and this beautiful painting
from my sister. The card is made with glasspaint on
acetate sheet. The colours are awesome, the photo
does not show them as pretty as they are.

The painting is really pretty too but here too, the photo
does not do it justice. The colours are much more vibrant
and remind me of sunshine made into paint. I have it
standing close to my desk so i can look at it as often as
possible, seeing something new everytime. I love it !

1 opmerking:

Rosemary zei

What a pretty card, you have a very thoughtful sister. I love your way with words - the painting is like sunshine, how inspiring!

I got your wonderful packet of ATCs and the card. THEY ARE BEAUTIFUL, I LOVE THEM! THANK YOU SO MUCH!