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woensdag 23 december 2009

She knits The Naked Truth

My friend Jenifer has been involved in a cool Guerilla knitting
project called The Naked Truth. Together with some other
members of the Stitch 'N Bitch group Delft she knitted
four invisible men who are standing peeing into one of
Delft's canals. The colours blue and white are are typical
for Delft since they are the colours of the porcelain that
Delft is known for, Delft Blue.

For more information, check this out :

2 opmerkingen:

Zoechaos zei

Sooo funny and witty wonder what the police made of the piece as they drove past.

Rosemary zei

OMG - this is too funny and how nice that they used traditional Delft colors (giggle). Are we sure of this or was it just that cold? I have to tell Jana to come over and see this, too darn funny.

Also, your title cracked me up for this post!