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zaterdag 18 april 2009

I [heart] Paris AB

I [heart] Paris so back in the days that we were
obsessed by altering books, i decided to do the theme
of my book for a Round Robin Paris-style. The
worst thing that can happen, did happen. The
book never arrived at the next person in the
cylce. At that time there was a lot of mail that
disappeared, there were probably some art-loving
people working at the TNTheadquarters.

Luckily i had scanned the pages i did for my book, but
even now, it has been ages, i can feel the anger
bubbling inside of me. Things that got lost in the
mail (or as i like to think, stolen) are selfmade
cards and ATC's, stamps that were exchanged
between artists, envelopes with embellishments
and fibers and Altered Books, sob. Anyways, here
are the scans of the pages that i would like to share
with you.

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