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donderdag 30 juni 2011

Craft Calendar

Wondering what kind of events there are that you can
encorporate in you crafts ? A small selection that i use
myself, in this list :

December - February : Winter 
> January :
Christmastide / Yuletide (twelve days of Christmas) (dec.25th - jan.5th)
Three Kings (6th)
World Snowman Day (18th)

> February :
Groundhog Day (2nd)

Valentine's Day (14th)
Sweater Day (in the 2nd week of feb.) 

March - May : Spring 
> March :
Crochet Month
Easter (liturgical colour = white)
World Book Day (1st)
International Women's Day (8th)
Earth Hour (last saturday)

> April :
Easter (liturgical colour = white)
International Mother Earth Day (22nd) 

> May :
Mothers Day (2nd sunday) 

June - August : Summer
 > June : (liturgical colour = green)
Fathers Day (3rd sunday)
Sankthans (-eve) (23rd and 24th) 

> July : (liturgical colour = green) 

> August : (liturgical colour = green) 

September - November : Autumn, Fall 
> September :

> October :
The Big Knit
Campain for Wool
World Smile Day (1st friday)
Knitting Week (2nd week)
Thanksgiving (2nd monday)
Baking Week (mid october)
Thirteen days of Halloween (19th - 31st)
Halloween (31st) 

> November :
Campain for Wool
Knitting Month
All Saints (1st) (liturgical colour = white)
All Souls (2nd) (liturgical colour = black/grey)
Saint Maarten (11th)
Thanksgiving (1st wednesday, 4th thursday)
Advent (at the earliest nov. 27th) (liturgical colour = purple) 

December - February : Winter
 > December :
Sinterklaas (5th)
Santa Lucia (13th) (liturgical colour = red)
Advent (at the lastest dec. 3rd) (liturgical colour = purple)
Christmas (24th-26th) (liturgical colour = white)
Christmastide / Yuletide / Twelve days of Christmas (dec.25th - jan.5th)

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