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maandag 24 november 2008

Mah-Jong family : Part II

A few weeks ago my cousin Joost (photograph no.1)
organised our third (bi)Annual Family Mahjong Tournament.
There were 21 participants if i am right and eventhough that
is only a small part of our family we had lots of fun. We played
during the afternoon and the better part of the evening.

Here you can see my dad in action, very concentrated
on the game. The winner of the tournament will recieve
the Ketelbink Jopie Award, which is named after my dad.
It was he that brought the game of Mahjong to the family
when returning from a journey when he was working in
the intercontinental seafaring business.

Here are my mum and sister playing at the same table,
my mum bottom left and my sister top right.

And here i am, playing one of the last games of that day.

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