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dinsdag 21 oktober 2008

MAD : Mail-art Awareness Day

Mail art is art which uses the postal system as a medium.
The term mail art can refer to an individual message, the
medium through which it is sent, or an artistic genre.
Mail art is also known as postal art and
Correspondence/Mail Art (CMA). Mail artists exchange
ephemera in the form of illustrated letters, zines,
rubberstamped, decorated or illustrated envelopes,
ATCs, postcards, artistamps, faux postage, friendship
books, decos, and other three-dimensional objects.

There are similarities between mail art and ATCs as
well as an important difference. What is unique about
ATCs is trading, especifically face-to-face trading. If
ATCs are sent in the mail, they become a variation of
CMA. There is no difference in a formal sense
between ATCs and CMA. In both cases, they
incorporate the full range of art media and disciplines.
Conceptually ATCs are extremely close to CMA : they are
both about exchanging art without the interface of the
artworld and without money being involved. Except for
the concept of the trading session, the two activities could
be, for all intents and purposes, the same.

As i am interested in both Mail art and ATCs, i came up with
the idea of MAD, a Mail art Awareness Day. It can be any day
in the year, and it can occur several times a year, you decide
when and how often MAD occurs. The only thing that is
obligatory, is that you make sure the date and the term
MAD is visible on the envelope. The contents of the envelope
are chosen by the sender. The date and the term MAD are
optional on the contents on the envelope.

On the photograph you see the envelope i used plus the
contents of the envelope : a flyer about MAD.

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